Decal Application Instructions

Decal / Sticker Application Instructions


First you need to determine what type of decal you have.

  1. Does your decal have two layers, with the decal itself the first layer and a paper layer that you remove to expose the adhesive on the bottom? These do not have application tape.

  2. It is easy to pick out a decal with application tape; All of our decals are die cut, so when you see a material extending past the artwork decal's edge and it decrease the brightness of the decal, then that material is application tape. These decals have three layers with application tape which is the third layer covering the decal. This tape should be removed after the decal sets up on the object you are placing it.

Types of Application

  1. Clean the area that you want to place the decal. (Wet or dry application)

Wet Application

Wet Setup - You can apply the decals wet or dry. The wet application gives you the advantage to adjust the decal a little after it is applied, but the disadvantage is that it take more time to set up before you can remove any application tape. To do Wet Application, you add two drops of dish soap to a quart water sprayer and VERY lightly mist the area you cleaned prior to applying the decal then do the remaining steps. The surface should look like dew that you will find on your car in the morning.

Wet/Dry Step 1 - Peal the bottom paper layer from the decal exposing the sticky side.

Wet/Dry Step 2 - Carefully apply the decal. Most hold the decal in a 'U' shape, applying the middle of the decal first then laying out one side at a time. You can also apply it from the top of the decal down, bottom up or side to side. Whatever makes you comfortable. When using the wet application, you may be able to adjust you decal a little at this time. With dry application, it will stay where you place it.

Wet/Dry Step 3 - Rub out any bubbles with a credit card or flat plastic object. We laminate all of our decals, so I don't expect many bubbles, but there may be a few.

Wet/Dry Step 4 - IMPORTANT; This is the time, if you have application tape on the decal to consider removing it after the decal sets. Dry application sets in about five minutes, wet application sets in about thirty hour or so.

Removing the Application Tape if you Decal Has It

Wet/Dry Step 5 - To remove the application tape, grasp a corner and slowly pull it across the center of the decal to the other side. If, by chance, the decal itself begins to lift when you begin removing the application tape, lay the application tape back down again over it an the decal then rub with a credit card again and let it rest a few more minutes. As you try again, try holding the edge of the decal with your finger as it appears from under the tape.

When the application tape is removed you will have a wonderful sticker rated for a long life. Let it set up for a few hours and then you can clean with soap and water.

Maintaining Your Decal


This is the easy part. Each decal is covered with a high quality UV laminate. So, use just soap and water to clean the decal and the area around it. No harsh cleanser or chemicals

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